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EDGECAM Solid Machinist

Giải pháp phần mềm CAD CAM nâng cao cho ngành sản xuất

Với công cụ EDGECAM Solid Machinist, Thiết kế của bạn sẽ giữ được tính nguyên bản của nó bởi các mô hình khối được nhập mà không cần translation. EDGECAM Solid Machinist áp dụng nhận diện tính năng tự động để tham dò mô hình hình học và nhanh chóng xác định được chức năng có thể gia công.

Mở file từ tất cả hệ thống CAD chính gồm:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • SolidWorks
  • Solid Edge
  • Unigraphics NX
  • CATIA V5
  • Creo - formally Pro/ENGINEER

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Automated Feature Recognition Within EDGECAM, the integrity of your design is maintained because the solid model is imported without translation. EDGECAM Solid Machinist uses automatic feature recognition to interrogate the solid model and quickly identify machinable features. EDGECAM then offers the user the most appropriate tooling and machining strategy to generate accurate toolpaths.

Intelligent manufacturing on a solid foundation The associative link between EDGECAM Solid Machinist and the original model ensures that even late design changes won’t affect lead times. Anyone interested in tighter integration between engineering and manufacturing should consider EDGECAM Solid Machinist.

EDGECAM Strategy Manager Used in conjunction with EDGECAM Solid Machinist, EDGECAM Strategy Manager provides fast and reliable machining of solid models, resulting in increased productivity. The application streamlines programming by capturing the knowledge from previously machined parts and applying it to new components – eliminating programming errors and delivering an unprecedented level of consistency and automation.

EDGECAM Part Modeler EDGECAM Part Modeler is a 3D modeling tool specifically designed for rapid construction or editing of solid models. It offers a cost effective solid modeling solution, complete with fully associative drafting capability. It is also the perfect complement to EDGECAM Solid Machinist and the ideal choice for customers who are modelling components for production machining, or need to construct workholding systems such as chuck jaws or milling jigs and fixtures. Solid Machinist has a wide range of innovative features which offer a fast and reliable route to manufacture.